Satyrium muticum research underway

Raquel de Castro Maia (Gondwana’s resident fynbos enthusiast, photographer and Creative Brand Manager) has started our data collection project with Jolandie Botha of the GCF. Our focus is the critically endangered Satyrium muticum. The importance of this orchid is astronomical as it only exists in the Mossel Bay area and nowhere else in the world. Gondwana Game Reserve holds 80% of the population in a conserved area, making this population an extremely significant base for research.

The data collection has been initiated with GPS tracking of the site, setting up a rain gauge as well as pegs for establishing photographic records throughout the year. We will also be gathering soil samples and establishing plant lists of plants which co-exist in the same environment. Our aim is to collect valuable data about the ecology, habitat and bioclimatic influences that may affect the long-term successful conservation of Satyrium muticum. We will be reviewing our data annually and providing SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute) with our research.


Click here to learn more about magnificent Satyrium muticum

Click here to view Satyrium muticum on SANBI’s red data list

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