Jolandie Buck our GCF researcher and project co-ordinator has made a significant contribution to documenting and identifying various different species with the GCF team, but more specifically her passion for spiders has had her contributing information and data on our arachnids to scientists around South Africa. The work she has done in collaboration with Dr […]

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Flowering fynbos July 2023

Gnidia chrysophylla Common name: Gold Cape saffron, Goldleaf Stripper, Saffron Bush. Saffraan (Afr.) Family: Thymelaeaceae (Daphne family) Status: NT- Near Threatened Etymology: The derivation of Gnidia is uncertain. One possibility is that it was named after the Greek word for a Laurel. In Greek mythology the pretty nymph Daphne was turned into a Laurel bush. The specific epithet chrysophylla means “golden- eaved”. Location: Satyrium […]

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