Endangered Vegetation


The Southern Cape of South Africa is home to one of  the most critically endangered vegetation types on earth – Fynbos.


Promotion of Fynbos

Promotion of Fynbos

The Cape Floristic Kingdom is the most ecologically threatened of all the Kingdoms and the conservation of the region is of utmost priority.

Critically Endangered Satyrium muticum

Critically Endangered Satyrium muticum

The GCF is engaged in protecting and collecting valuable ecological data for Critically endangered Satyrium muticum found on Gondwana Game Reserve.

Critically Endangered Gladiolus roseovenosus

Critically Endangered Gladiolus roseovenosus

The GCF is currently monitoring and mapping the localities of these plants on Gondwana Game Reserve.


The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) focuses on the rehabilitation and promotion of biodiversity for all ecosystems within the Cape Floristic Kingdom. The Cape Floristic Kingdom is the smallest and most critically endangered of all the floristic kingdoms. These critically endangered vegetation types and wetlands are under severe pressure with the invasion of alien vegetation.


The GCF has a long term goal of eradicating all alien vegetation in the Southern Cape of South Africa.


Key Areas of Flora Focus

  • Removal of alien vegetation
  • Water conservation within Wetland Systems
  • Sustainable fire management with in the region
  • Erosion control
  • Gondwana Conservation Foundations Land Restoration Program


GCF is embarking on an eight to ten year restoration program on Gondwana Game Reserve and the immediate surrounding area through the removal of all Alien vegetation species and the rehabilitation of disturbed land as a result of the infestation.


Key objectives of the Flora project

  • Job creation
  • Alien removal (primary: wattle and secondary: Port Jackson & Hakia)
  • Wetland rehabilitation
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Erosion Control
  • Removal of unwanted biomass regarding fire management
  • The project incorporates numerous role players including Gondwana, SAN Parks, Cape Nature, Fire Protection Association, Provincial Government and the private sector.


Preservation of the Cape Floristic Kingdom