• education is powerful

    We feel that it is our duty to educate our future generations and cultivate a passion for conservation

    Your donations assist us in educating people to become custodians of our natural heritage.

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  • Gondwana Conservation Foundation

    Tertiary Education Fund

    In support of the conservationists of the future. Your donations could help sponsor a young adult through their 3rd year in university while they are gaining experience at Gondwana Game Reserve as an intern.

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  • Rainbow Rhino initiative has established a

    “Best Of Class” Counter Poaching Training Facility.

    The trained units, through the foundation, will be deployed to regions with current rhino populations or together with a new herd of rhino being relocated to a suitable location.


Without real knowledge we cannot change the world

GCF Education Programs

Conservation Kids

Conservation Kids

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation has an ultimate goal of exposing over 200 children a year, from predominately underprivileged backgrounds, to active conservation projects within the Western Cape.

GCF Tertiary Education Fund

GCF Tertiary Education Fund

The tertiary education fund aims to provide a deserving learner in the field of nature conservation an opportunity to do their third year internship on Gondwana Game Reserve.

Anti Poaching Training

Anti Poaching Training

Due to the growing illegal demand for rhino horn, the long-term viability of the rhino population in Africa will be through the education of the consumer and the ability to protect the animals on the ground through counter poaching units.


We strive to teach people from all backgrounds how the natural environment functions, and particularly how humans should manage their behaviour and how it impacts ecosystems – we would like to teach people to live sustainably and to learn about how they can protect their natural environments.