GCF focuses on Environmental Education for all children

Conservation Kids

  • The GCF has an ultimate goal of

    exposing over 800 children a year, to active conservation projects

  • We aim to provide a path for scholars to pursue a career in conservation

    Our program cover both environmental and social issues

    The key objective of the environmental programs is to increase the environmental awareness of our scholars within the Southern Cape Region

  • environmental activities give an overarching view on conservation

    ... encourages children to pursue a career in conservation based activities.

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation has an ultimate goal of exposing over 800 children a year, from predominately underprivileged backgrounds, to active conservation projects within the Western Cape. The program currently allows children to experience a full day in a conservation area where they learn about the natural environment and how they can contribute to conservation projects in their every day life.

The program provides the children, often resident on the periphery of conservation areas, the opportunity to see what is being done within protected areas and encourages them to pursue a career in conservation.

The GCF start their year in environmental education by visiting the schools in our community and teaching the grade 6 learners about local conservation and sustainability. During these visits the team looks at recycling, saving water and picking up litter. Grade 6 learners from the local community also join members of the conservation and guiding teams for a day focused on bringing together their school work and practical conservation. Grade 7 learners are invited every year to join the conservation team on World Rhino Day. It is a day of fun filled with different activities from Game drives to look at Rhinos to learning about technology in conservation.

The future of these learners and the program depend on the generosity of others. Consider supporting our environmental education program by donating to the project.