Jolandie Buck our GCF researcher and project co-ordinator has made a significant contribution to documenting and identifying various different species with the GCF team, but more specifically her passion for spiders has had her contributing information and data on our arachnids to scientists around South Africa. The work she has done in collaboration with Dr Ansie Dippenaar-Schoeman has been published in the SANSA Newsletter which is available on zenodo.org.

Click here to read a scientific paper featured in the SANSA Newsletter 46(2023): 7–93 – Notes on the crab spider Phaenopoma nigropunctatum, with Jolandie’s contributions.

Jolandie also assisted in compiling a checklist of the spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) of Gondwana Private Game Reserve, in the Western Cape, South Africa. SANSA Newsletter 46(2023): 17–24. Several species listed on the checklist that have been found on Gondwana are possibly new to science. 148 spider species are featured in the checklist, 14 of the species found are endemic to the western cape. 
Click here to download the checklist.

To view all species of plants, invertebrates and more that the GCF team and others have found and identified on the reserve please click the link to the Gondwana Game Reserve Biodiversity Project on iNaturalist.

We look forward to more discoveries by our GCF team of scientists in our very own Cape Floral World Heritage Site!

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