Southern Africa’s Rarest Endemic Raptor ~ The Black Harrier

There is something so magical about the flight of the Black Harrier (Circus maurus) as it swoops over the fynbos silently hunting. The feathers are deep black with large white panels on the under wing and white bars on the tail feathers, that occasionally catch your eye as it glides over low growing fynbos. According […]

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Dr Lorenzo Prendini visits Gondwana for scorpion sampling

Dr Lorenzo Prendini (Ph.D) from the American Museum of Natural History joined the conservation team on the 30th of June and 1st of July 2022 to collect specimens of various scorpions. Wildlife & Ecological investments joined on the 1st of July to learn more about collection methods and scorpions in our area. The Opistothalmus genus […]

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Critically Endangered Gladiolus roseovenosus

Gladiolus roseovenosus is a rare winter rainfall species that grows in peaty sandstone soil on well drained slopes in the coastal foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in the southern Cape. According to SANBI (South African Institute for Biodiversity), G. roseovenosus was estimated (when assessed in 2008) that there were no more than 200 plants remaining in […]

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