• The cheetah's historic habitat has been reduced by 89%

    Cheetah Re-wilding Program

    Gondwana’s main objective is to actively participate in a sustainable
    breeding program of free roaming Cheetah in the Western Cape.

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  • Changing the face of rhino conservation

    Rainbow Rhino Initiative

    We believe that the loss of the Rhino is a global issue and we all need to join hands to resolve it. The foundation has thus launched an international fundraising initiative to contribute to the development of the Rainbow Rhino initiative.

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The GCF is committed to the protection and survival of endangered wildlife

Endangered Wildlife


Our focus is on the relocation and long term sustainability of Desert Black Rhino, White Rhino, Cheetah, Bontebok, and Cape Mountain Zebra through the provision of habitat and prey species, detailed monitoring, research and anti-poaching training and implementation.


White & Black Rhino

White & Black Rhino

The poaching of Rhino in Southern Africa, and in South Africa in particular, has been increasing exponentially over the past five years. In 2013 more rhino were killed in the world than born.



The conservation status of cheetah in Africa is listed as threatened. However, in some areas in South Africa and neighbouring countries, cheetah are still getting regularly removed by farmers with little knowledge of the genetic development of the species in the area.