Gondwana Kids Camp 2019

The Gondwana conservation foundation had the pleasure of hosting 16 learners from our surrounding schools for our Kids Conservation Camps. These where held over two separate weekends with the support of Gondwana Game Reserve’s, Tented Eco Camp. The learners where exposed to hands on conservation work such as buffalo monitoring, lion tracking and water filter building. During one of their activities, they had the opportunity of working in teams to conceptualise their own game reserves.  They were taught to apply what they had learnt about the animals, their conservation as well as the functioning of the reserve into their concepts.

Most importantly the idea behind the Kids Camps is to ensure that learners are exposed to their natural environment so that they thoroughly enjoy and experience it from a different perspective, out of the city and away from social media and modern distractions – in the bush. The learners really enjoyed spending time around the fire in the evening making smores, telling stories and asking plenty of questions about nature and conservation. The children come up with a stories about different animals they have seen during the day and created masks to support their stories. There was loads of laughter as they played games during the day, swam and took their knowledge from discussions around out into the field.

One of the activities they enjoyed the most was creating a giant food web. This involved them linking different pictures with string to symbolise which animals, plants and insects are connected. This brought to life the concept of how the ecosystem is made up of different parts that rely heavily on each other and why it is important for us to make sure everything is in balance.

Not only did the children enjoy the Camp, the GCF Camp leaders were enlightened as to so many new creative ideas and all felt a huge privilege in seeing the wilderness through the eyes of these children who will certainly be the conservationists of the future.

We look forward to our next Conservation Kids event in September in celebration of World Rhino Day 2019


Some Feedback from the learners that attended our GCF Kids Camp 2019


What did you like doing the most and why?

Brendon – To blow the Kudu horn.

Elvino – Creating our game reserve. It is nice to put many antelope and to create stuff.

Jurgen – I like when we build the food web because I learned.

Musa – Doing the filter because it teach us how to work in groups and to save and clean the water.

Chloë – Making the food web, it helped me understand more.

Petra – I like doing the driving and looking for lions.

Amanda – sitting around the camp fire because we get to know each other better.


How did it feel to be outside all day?

Fayron – It felt good and it was quiet and for once I got peace in my heart and to hear the sound of nature is better than the city.

Eldine – Happy, it was pretty at the pool.

Donna-Lee – I feel very nice outside and it was good.

Siyamthanda – I feel happy to see the lion face to face.

Siphomandla – I was happy to be outside and I want to come back.


Do you think you can use anything you learned at home?

Lisa – Yes, I would plant my spinach at home and make myself a lot of masks of different animals.

Rozard – Yes, I can build a water filter at home when the water is not looking good.


Do you see the environment around you differently after the camp?

Dumisa – Yes I see the environment differently after the camp because there were not many houses and roads.

Lincoln – Yes because I am not scared of lions or animals I have to be brave.


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