Herbertsdale Primary School visit to Gondwana Game Reserve

Thanks to the generosity of Jane & Mick Goodall, we were able to host the Grade 7 class of Herbertsdale Primary School and their principle, Mr Marius Stander for a day filled with learning and fun. Twelve learners braved the rain and enjoyed a variety of activities such as frog & spider catching at the dam and animal skull identification games.

On game drive we got to see many of the animals on Gondwana including Giraffe, Hippo, Rhino and many species of antelope. Those young kids put us to shame with their sharp eyes and animal spotting skills. The kids wanted to see the Elephants and YAY, we managed to find a herd feeding amongst the Fynbos.

During the lunch break we worked through our Gondwana Conservation Foundation Books and intriguing discussions were had concerning the eradication of alien vegetation as well as the differing careers within conservation but perhaps the highlight was the cup of hot chocolate which put a smile on everybody’s face after a chilly morning!

The kids left with a snack pack for the road and a head full of ideas and info about what conservation really means and how we are all able to play our important roles in conserving our natural resources. The exercises we completed on the reserve was then incorporated into their school work the following week and the kids all sent through an essay to say thank you for the outing. From reading these letters, it is clear the Elephants were a highlight and much was learnt about the skulls of the different animals.


Despite the weather, the day was declared a success! Smiley happy faces on the kids with a longing to return for more is evidence of the great impression this had on their school term. Thanks to Mr Stander for this opportunity and to all the staff of Gondwana Game Reserve who played a role in making a special day come together. But most of all, thanks to the kids for their curiosity, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Truly inspirational!!

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