GCF Joining forces to protect rhino in Africa

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation and Project Rhino Charleston have joined forces to further protect rhino in Africa.


Project Rhino Charleston has recently donated $16 000 (R198 000) to the Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) for the development of an anti poaching training facility in the Southern Cape of South Africa.


One of the four objectives of the GCF is the Protection of endangered wildlife. The GCF places focus on the relocation and long-term sustainability of endangered rhino, cheetah, bontebok and Cape Mountain zebra. Through the provision of habitat, precise and consistent monitoring, and the establishment of anti-poaching units, the foundation seeks to protect and sustain these precious creatures. The Foundation’s flagship project, the Rainbow Rhino Initiative, is specifically aimed at combating rhino-poaching through skills and technology development.


The project has a 10 year plan of introducing 165 individual rhino into reserves across Africa and over 100 trained anti-poaching soldiers. Through the use of a state of the art anti-poaching training facility and utilizing various technologies to enhance anti-poaching methods, the project ensures that rhino calves will be born into a safe environment. Within this period it is estimated that over 550 rhino will be protected through the foundation’s trained soldiers.


Two local South Africans who have a deep affection for their homeland (now based in the USA) and empathy for the endangered rhinoceros and game rangers who protect them founded Project Rhino Charleston. Having grown up with the privilege of seeing wild rhino in South Africa, the two agreed that this privilege must be available to future generations and Project Rhino Charleston was formed. Since then, the group has found numerous rhino lovers and conservationists from all over the world willing to help this magnificent species survive.


In 2014, Project Rhino Charleston hosted its 2nd annual Save the Rhino event, featuring live music, entertainment, a potjie contest and silent auction. They raised $16,000, which they have recently donated to the GCF to aid in their Rainbow Rhino Initiative.


The funds will be utilized to establish an anti-poaching base camp and will initiate numerous training programs. These programs will range from basic skills development to advanced tactical deployment. The camp will provide a much-needed facility to continue developing trained personal in the growing battle against rhino poaching.


The construction of the camp is planned to be complete in October 2015 with the first Anti-Poaching Unit training modules commencing in November 2015 and Jan 2016.

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