GCF and Investec Host Herbertsdale Primary School’s- Ecological Kids program

Gondwana Game Reserve partnered with the good people from Investec Rhino Life Line and together hosted the Grade 6’s of Herbertsdale Primary School as part of the Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) kids environmental education program. Investec Rhino Life Line is an initiative responding to the rhino crisis by raising awareness through youth education in South Africa. The plan went something like this…20 enquiring minds added to 20 willing Investec employees in the great outdoors with educational activities, delicious food, brilliant weather and smiles all round.

The introductions over, the GCF activity books and food baskets were handed out and the 5 game viewers headed out independently to work the program. Activities included collecting examples of our endangered Fynbos vegetation as well as drawing or sticking them into the book. Carnivores were sought and assessed for their prey preferences and impact on the environment and Termites were discussed and tasted despite the tasty muffins on offer.

The day was enjoyed by all and the kids left having learned a little bit more about the environment we live in and the multitude of ways we are all connected to it and to each other. To Investec Rhino Life Line and your generous staff, thank you for sponsoring the day and for sharing your time and efforts with us. Ordinary is not an option and collaborative initiatives like this will go a long way to opening minds and changing perceptions within our local communities. Thank you to all Gondwana staff involved and here’s to many more days like these.




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