GCF Anti-Poaching Training

The Rainbow Rhino Initiative’s (RRI) objective is to distribute rhino with trained anti-poaching soldiers throughout Southern Africa. The plan is to develop a core breeding population of rhino on Gondwana from which small populations can be distributed on a custodianship basis. Simultaneously the GCF will be sponsoring the training of field rangers and anti poaching teams to ensure the rhinos’ protection on Gondwana and beyond.


The initiative ran its first training course in February 2017 at Camp Charleston, the foundation’s onsite training facility, and intends to run three further training programs during the course of the year.


The first course trained eight local general workers in the field of counter insurgency. This course offered skills to individuals on fence maintenance teams to enable them to provide valuable input and assistance to anti poaching units during their day-to-day patrolling of protected areas. This training is a perfect example of empowering people to contribute to the protection of our treasured natural resources. The training was made possible through the kind donation of Sportingbet.


A five-week Security Ranger Program starts on the 27th of March 2017 at Camp Charleston where eight candidates working in private and public parks will attend. This training will provide these individuals with the necessary qualifications and skills to be legal and competent security rangers in protected areas and game reserves.


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