Female Cheetahs from Dinokeng introduced on Gondwana

In the early hours of Wednesday the 7th of November two beautiful female cheetahs arrived on Gondwana Game Reserve. They were relocated from Dinokeng Game Reserve with the assistance of the Metapopulation initiative. The two females are the offspring of Zee (who was known as the Gondwana Male on Dinokeng) who was part of the GCF cheetah rewilding project.

Zee was born on Phinda Private Game Reserve in March 2015. He was purchased by the Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) as a result of a single generous donation made by one of the foundations many supporters. Zee was known for his recognizable line across his muzzle. As well as his more aggressive personality. Zee was an integral part of the GCF Cheetah rewilding project. When the Cheetah rewilding project came to an unfortunate end Zee was donated to Dinokeng in February 2019 on a future quid pro quo understanding. At Dinokeng he learned how to handle lions and was a very successful hunter often being seen by game viewers. Unfortunately, Zee was killed by lions in February of 2021.

Coming full circle, we hope that these two female cheetah will be successful on Gondwana Game Reserve just as their father was on Dinokeng. We hope to have incredible sightings of them in the fynbos of Gondwana just as many had in the past of Zee.

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