Did you know that the GCF strategy aligns to COP15 goals in the following way?

What is the COP15?
The Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a critical international forum for setting global goals and targets to address the current biodiversity crisis. The Gondwana Conservation Foundation’s (GCF) strategy aligns well with the goals and objectives of COP15, and can contribute to achieving the following key goals:

  1. Minimising biodiversity loss: The GCF’s habitat restoration and management activities, as well as its focus on species conservation, can contribute to halting biodiversity loss, which is a key objective of COP15.

  2. Restoring degraded ecosystems: The GCF’s work in restoring degraded habitats and implementing sustainable land management practices can contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, which is a critical goal of COP15.

  3. Enhancing ecosystem services: The GCF’s approach to conservation recognizes the importance of ecosystem services for human well-being, and its activities can contribute to enhancing these services, which is another important goal of COP15.

  4. Engaging local communities: The GCF’s focus on education and outreach, as well as its partnerships with local communities, aligns with the objectives of COP15 to engage and empower local communities in biodiversity conservation.

  5. Integrating different sectors: The GCF’s multi-faceted approach, which integrates habitat restoration, species conservation, education and outreach, research and monitoring, and partnerships and collaboration, aligns with the objectives of COP15 to promote cross-sectoral collaboration and integration.

In summary, the GCF’s strategy can contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of COP15 by addressing the underlying drivers of biodiversity loss, promoting habitat restoration and species conservation, engaging local communities, and integrating different sectors in biodiversity conservation efforts.

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