Cape Pioneer Trek 2017

GCF, Riding to Save Rhino – Cape Pioneer Trek


The poaching of Rhino in Southern Africa, and in South Africa in particular, has been increasing exponentially over the past five years. In 2013 more rhino were killed than born. To combat this increase in poaching incidents, the Gondwana Conservation Foundation launched the Rainbow Rhino Initiative.


The GCF’s Rainbow Rhino Initiative has 3 tactical approaches to contribute to this epidemic. Firstly, the foundation has established a counter poaching training camp which sponsors courses focusing on tracking, crime scene investigation and drone surveillance. Second, the initiative is developing a core breeding population of rhino from which a custodianship program can be launched, distributing new founder populations of rhino throughout Africa together with trained anti-poaching units. Third, the GCF is partnering with technology companies to create interactive awareness of rhino relocations through the latest GPS and drone technology allowing international communities to follow real time movement and imagery of individual rhino. The foundation has also played an integral role facilitating all key anti-poaching role players in the region including SAPS, Cape Nature, State Vets, Game Rangers Association of Africa, and the private sector to coordinate rhino poaching crime scene roles and responsibilities.


Last year funds raised helped to complete the anti-poaching training facility on the 11,000 hectare, Big 5 reserve as well as purchase a rhino cow and calf to add to the core breeding population. The funds raised this year would go to securing vital training equipment needed, including night vision glasses, safety equipment, lecturing equipment as well as subsidizing multiple training courses over the next 12 months.



The initiative ran its first training course in February 2017 at Camp Charleston, the foundation’s new onsite training facility. The first course trained eight local general workers in the field of counter insurgency. This course offered skills to individuals on fence maintenance teams to enable them to provide valuable input and assistance to anti-poaching units during their day-to-day patrolling of protected areas. This training is a perfect example of empowering people to contribute to the protection of our treasured natural resources. The training was made possible through the kind donation of Sportingbet.


The second course sponsored was a five-week Security Ranger Program which took place in March/April 2017 at Camp Charleston where eight candidates working in private and public parks attended. This training provided these individuals with the necessary qualifications and skills to be legal and competent security rangers in protected areas and game reserves. The foundation has funds to sponsor three more courses this year.



What Can You Do?


Rhinos in the wild will be extinct by 2020 if the levels of poaching continue, experts have warned. Donate towards the Rainbow Rhino Initiative and help us make headway against the increasing poaching epidemic to protect our threatened rhino across Africa. Spread the word! Rhino poaching needs everyone’s help to stop it!

GCF is calling on all corporates and individuals with a passion for conservation and an interest in saving our rhino to please donate.



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