A global issue we all need to resolve

White & Black Rhino


The poaching of Rhino in Southern Africa and in South Africa in particular has been increasing exponentially over the past five years. In 2013 more rhino were killed then born. In an effort to combat this increase in poaching incidents the Gondwana Conservation Foundation launched the Rainbow Rhino initiative.


The initiative’s objectives are to employ counter poaching training and cutting edge technology to protect and distribute Rhino in Africa. The initiative will establish a top class counter poaching training facility based on Gondwana Game Reserve and combine both traditional counter poaching training practice together with cutting edge technology such as drones and satellite tracking devices.


The initiative believes in changing the face of rhino conservation using technology and social media as a platform. The Rainbow Rhino initiative plans to introduce over 60 individual rhino into various reserves in Africa over a 10 year period. Within this period it is estimated that over 85 rhino calves will be born and that the foundation will have over 180 rhino to distribute to suitable locations in Africa.


The foundation has a goal of working with conservation authorities where a package deal can be created. This package deal will include the deployment of a highly trained counter poaching unit together with a viable breeding herd of rhino to viable settlement areas. We believe that the loss of the Rhino is a global issue and we all need to join hands to resolve it. The foundation has thus launched an international fundraising initiative to contribute to the development of the Rainbow Rhino initiative.


People may participate in a variety of ways from contributing to the fund in general to sponsoring the training of a counter poaching unit to adopt a rhino or adopt both a rhino and counter poaching training team to be deployed in a viable area.