Anti-Poaching Unit

s3africa – GCF’s Anti-Poaching Unit

Gondwana Conservation Foundation has recently found assistance in the fight against poaching in the form of s3africa. s3 will be providing our Rhino with the protection that they deserve.

s3africa has supplied teams to make up our Anti-Poaching Unit or APU. These amazing men stay with our Rhinos 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Their ability to protect our Rhino is second only to the passion that they have for this project and for the fight against poaching in general.

Thanks for making the fight a little easier gents and especially, thank you from our Rhinos who benefit so much from your continuous protection.

The GCF plans to kick off training of specialised APU units in 2015. s3africa will play a vital role in the training of these units and ensuring trainees obtain the required proficiencies and skills for counter poaching and related tasks.

Visit s3africa‘s website here to find out about them and all the good work they do.

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