Pilot in Training

Introducing GCF’s Pilot in Training: Rubin Snymanphoto 1

Rubin started work at Gondwana Game Reserve as a casual in a fence maintenance role in March 2013.  Since then he has been working more closely with the Wildlife Management Team and has been keeping a watchful eye on our Rhino every day since they arrived.  Rubin enjoys this role as he has a passion for wildlife conservation and in particular loves Rhino.
Over the next few months you will get to know Rubin very well as we will be regularly updating you on his progress here at GCF Flight School.  GCF sat down with Rubin today to find out a little bit more about him.

GCF: Hi Rubin, how are you?

Rubin: Hi, Im very well thank you.

GCF: So how old are you Rubin and when is your birthday?

Rubin: I am 23, my birthday is 14th November.

GCF: Tell our GCF friends a little about yourself…

Rubin: I was born and brought up in George, Western Cape.  My mother died when I was just 10 years old so it was up to my aunt, Sarah Snyman, to raise me.  I attended Delville Park Primary School and moved to Olympia High School to further my education and matriculate as Delville was too expensive. My wife Doreen works at Gondwana in the housekeeping department.  I have two children, Brendan who is 6 and Rachel who is almost 2. Doreen and I live in the staff village here on Gondwana and our kids live with my mother in law.

GCF: What were you doing before you came to Gondwana?

Rubin: I was working at “Work for Water” helping to clear our country of invasive alien plant species like Black Wattle and Rock Hakea.

GCF: … and what brought you to Gondwana?

Rubin: I heard about Gondwana and the good work that they are doing with wildlife conservation and as I love wildlife I thought it would be a perfect fit. I started here in March 2013 (GCF: around the same time that a very famous resident came to Gondwana?) Yes, Thandora arrived just before I did.  I couldn’t believe that an elephant could let you get so close. Part of my job at that time was to help feed Thandora. If I wasn’t in love with African wildlife before then, I definitely was afterwards.

GCF: Thanks for your time Rubin, I’m sure I speak for all the friends of the foundation in saying that we look forward to following your progress.