Flight School

IMG_0230 IMG_0231Introducing the Drone: An initiative by Gondwana Conservation Foundation, Danoffice IT and Timeless Technologies

In an effort to maintain the safety and health of the rhinos under our care, the GCF will be running a pilot project together with Danoffice IT and Timeless Technologies. Making use of the cutting edge technology produced by Danoffice IT, and the expertise of Timeless Technologies to test and determine the best practice for the use of UAV’s (civilian drones – Huginn X1) in the fight against poaching.

Within the next couple weeks Tinus Diedericks of Timeless Technologies will train a friend of the foundation in the use of the Huginn X1 who will then, over the next few months, train our first anti-poaching personnel – Ruben Snyman in the use of the Huginn X1.

During this time the Huginn X1 will be tested in differing conditions and scenarios in order to establish a set of standard operating procedures tailored to working with wildlife in the African bush. We foresee that these drones will quickly become the front line for the defence of Africa’s endangered species.

Thus begins GCF’s Flight School.

Keep checking in on our website and the Gondwana Conservation Foundation Facebook page for updates on Ruben’s training and footage from the drone.