Anti Poaching Training

stop-wildlife-crimeDue to the growing illegal demand for rhino horn, the long-term viability of the rhino population in Africa will be through the education of the consumer and the ability to protect the animals on the ground through counter poaching units.

The Rainbow Rhino initiative believes the education of the consumer to be the ultimate long term solution, however, the on-ground protection through the use of the counter poaching units is an important short term solution.

In an effort to contribute to these solutions the Rainbow Rhino initiative has established a “Best Of Class” Counter Poaching Training Facility.

The training facility will use traditional counter poaching training methods while incorporating cutting edge technology. This technology will include:

  • Latest satellite and radio tracking equipment
  • Drones fitted with video equipment

The six-month course will cover aspects of tactical training, monitoring, bush mechanic, first aid level three, dog training and law and will be tailored for the area in which the counter poaching team will be deployed.The facility is based on Gondwana Game Reserve where all theory and practical training will be done.

Six candidates are selected every six months to undergo the training. These candidates need to meet the criteria and before they commence any formal training undergo two weeks of basics highlighting both their ability and commitment to the course. Certain criteria have been laid out for the selection process of the candidates providing for the highest potential success rate.

The trained units, through the foundation, will be deployed to regions with current rhino populations or together with a new herd of rhino being relocated to a suitable location.