• You can help put a stop to the killing

    In under a decade over 7134 Rhino have been killed in South Africa

    Get involved in the GCFs Rainbow Rhino Initiative which combats poaching

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  • Cheetah are listed as a threatened species

    Less than 7000 adults remain in the wild

    Your donations help fund our breeding program which will re-establish populations of free roaming cheetah in South Africa

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  • South Africa and Gondwana Game Reserve are home to one of the most critically endangered vegetation types on earth


    Your donations will fund the rehabilitation and promotion of biodiversity for critically endangered ecosystems within the Cape Floristic Kingdom.

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The Four Pillars of Our Foundation

Gondwana Conservation Foundation

Endangered Wildlife

Endangered Wildlife

Our focus is on the relocation and long term sustainability of Desert Black Rhino, White Rhino, Cheetah, Bontebok, and Cape Mountain Zebra through the provision of habitat and prey species, detailed monitoring, research and anti-poaching training and implementation.

Endangered Vegetation

Endangered Vegetation

The Southern Cape of South Africa is home to one of the most critically endangered vegetation types on earth - Fynbos.



We strive to provide meaningful Environmental Education for children particularly those with previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that through education and mentorship, greater conservation programs are possible.

Community upliftment

Community upliftment

The Southern Cape has one of the highest unemployment rates in South Africa. Community upliftment programs will create both environmental awareness in the surrounding community and job creation opportunities.


The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) is a non profit organisation contributing to the
conservation of threatened and endangered wildlife and vegetation relevant to the Southern Cape of South Africa.

GCF's Cheetah Conservation Project

Zulu Needs Your Help To Be Re-wilded

The Gondwana Conservation Foundation (GCF) is committed to and, passionate about conservation.


One of our key projects is our cheetah re-wilding program. In this video we introduce you to Zulu, a male cheetah in his prime waiting to be re-wilded. Although this process has already started, Zulu has encountered some physical challenges that need urgent attention.


Zulu has a bone fragment in his shoulder that will prevent him from ever hunting unless it is removed. The Gondwana Conservation Foundation is looking for like-minded people to financially contribute to the cheetah re-wilding program in order to assist cheetah like Zulu on their journey to becoming wild cheetah. Your donations will contribute to the veterinary care, food and release of these cheetah and their offspring. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the meta population and to see cheetah return to the wild.

There are less than 7000 cheetahs left in the wild today. We need to act now to prevent these incredible animals from becoming yet another extinct species.

Every cent counts.
Your support will make all the difference.